Breathing Space & Awareness

As we step away from the Doing mode we begin to bring attention onto the breath. Narrowing our focus and intention on the felt sensations of the breath as it moves and shifts in the body. We open and expand our awareness to include the senses such as sound, smells, physical sensations noticing when thoughts, emotions arise and fall. Choosing to be with the pleasant and unpleasant during this expanded awareness. Allowing this present moment experience to unfold without having to fix or change anything, cultivating a sense of curiosity and patience to the whole of the experience, a state of Being.

A mindful Q&A is a social and interactive learning experience, open to the community following most classes. Mindful Q&A provides students with the opportunity to connect, engage in conversation, ask questions and share their meditation experience following the LIVE class.

Mar 06, 08:40 PM
10 MIN
Increase Focus Stress Relief Energy Boost Present Moment
LEVEL for all


Monique Leverington

Adelaide SA, Australia