Free Mind and Body Connection Webinar

June 21st at 2 pm EST.

Unwind: Deep Sleep

Jun 21, 01:00 AM - 20 mins

Marie Scicchitano

Seattle, WA

This meditation encourages a deeper sense of relaxation and connection with our inner calm and peace. Becoming aware of our breath and focusing on muscle relaxation will allow us to progress into a state of tranquility. We will begin to slow down our racing thoughts and to allow our body time to recover from any stress and tension we are experiencing.


Q. Do I need any technology besides the app to view the sessions?

You can join our classes by downloading the app from the App Store

Q. What benefits do I get from meditation?

Boosts productivity, teamwork and leadership while reducing stress and anxiety

Q. Do I get a notifcation before my class starts?

Push notification

Q. Do you have to have experience meditating to join?

No. We offer meditation for all levels!

Q. How can i invite my friends to join through the app?

There is a Share option in the settings within the app