Mindfulness for Balance & Calm

Feb 15, 11:30 AM - 20 mins

Jessica Bigogno

Barcelona, Spain

With this simple but effective mindfulness practice we will learn how to “come back” to the present moment by tuning into the breath and body to reconnect ourselves. Learning on the way that there is no right way to experience meditation, instead bringing attitudes of curiosity and kindly interest to our moment to moment experience, thereby fully experiencing more of our lives.

By tuning into our bodies, we also learn to notice where we store tension. By doing this we can practice letting go of this tension so that it doesn’t build up so much over time, allowing us to live with an increased ‘ease of being’.

A mindful Q&A is a social and interactive learning experience, open to the meditation.live community following most classes. Mindful Q&A provides students with the opportunity to connect, engage in conversation, ask questions and share their meditation experience following the LIVE class.


Q. Do I need any technology besides the app to view the sessions?

You can join our classes by downloading the meditation.live app from the App Store

Q. What benefits do I get from meditation?

Boosts productivity, teamwork and leadership while reducing stress and anxiety

Q. Do I get a notifcation before my class starts?

Push notification

Q. Do you have to have experience meditating to join?

No. We offer meditation for all levels!

Q. How can i invite my friends to join through the app?

There is a Share option in the settings within the app