Resilience for Innovation

Feb 26, 05:30 PM - 20 mins

Suzanne Jewell

Miami, FL, USA

This session helps you practice how to “be with what is”. So often in our daily work lives and on our projects we are pushing up against something. It could be the structure or the way things have always been done or seeking to garner buy-in from colleagues. When we learn the ebb and flow of being with what is happening, we can reduce our tension around things not shifting , allowing some peace & ease within.

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Q. Do I need any technology besides the app to view the sessions?

You can join our classes by downloading the meditation.live app from the App Store

Q. What benefits do I get from meditation?

Boosts productivity, teamwork and leadership while reducing stress and anxiety

Q. Do I get a notifcation before my class starts?

Push notification

Q. Do you have to have experience meditating to join?

No. We offer meditation for all levels!

Q. How can i invite my friends to join through the app?

There is a Share option in the settings within the app