Self Love - The Basis of All Other Love

Feb 14, 05:30 PM - 20 mins

Kristen Eykel

Los Angeles, CA

Many of us have been co-opted in claiming love for self, because it was deemed selfish or egotistical. However, without a true measure of healthy self-love, there is no way to fully or wholly love another. You would simply be seeking to fill the gaps felt within yourself with the perceived savior energy of another. This practice however, in the fullness of time, will eventually leave you empty. 

Self love is the catalyst for understanding what is necessary, what is superfluous, and what is truly desired for a complete sense of intimacy with another.

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Q. Do I need any technology besides the app to view the sessions?

You can join our classes by downloading the meditation.live app from the App Store

Q. What benefits do I get from meditation?

Boosts productivity, teamwork and leadership while reducing stress and anxiety

Q. Do I get a notifcation before my class starts?

Push notification

Q. Do you have to have experience meditating to join?

No. We offer meditation for all levels!

Q. How can i invite my friends to join through the app?

There is a Share option in the settings within the app