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Why choose
Wellness Coach?

Why choose
Wellness Coach?

Wellness Coach

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Daily On-Demand Meditation

Bedtime Stories, Soothing Sounds & Music

Yoga / Walking / Running

Fitness Classes & Workout Plans

Daily Live Classes with Q & A

5 Licenses for Family & Friends
(500+ members sign up*)

Private Live Class with a Coach
(500+ members sign up*)

Monthly EWI (Employee Wellness Index)
(500+ members sign up*)

MultiPlatform - iOS, Android & Web

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*Active user pricing is only valid for 500 licenses or more

$3 /month

$9.99 /month

Experience life-changing benefits

Stronger Relationships

I want to build more meaningful connections at home and at work

Better Sleep

I need help falling asleep and staying asleep

Reduced Stress

Stress keeps me from reaching my potential and I need help managing it

Improved Concentration

I lose my train of thought and need to focus more

Heightened Self-Awareness

I feel lost and want to discover my direction in life

Increased Energy

I struggle to stay alert all day and want to feel better in my body

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Please Contact us.

When does the trial expire?


Trials related to Covid-19 are set to expire June 15th or 90 days depending on the start date of the trial.

What happens after the trial expires?


All the users who are using the app will be downgraded to free content i.e. any premium classes or content will no longer be available. No action is needed in case you do not want to renew premium subscription.

How does active user subscription work?


Say you have 500 employees using the Wellness Coach during the trial, and after 90 days only 100 keep using Wellness Coach, then you will be charged 100*$3 per month. If no users use Wellness Coach after 90 days, there will be no charge.

How do I invite my team?


Once you register the company, you will get a welcome email. All you have to do is forward the email to all your employees or SLACK/Teams the email. That's it. We see adoption rates of up to 90% in 72 hours as we have made it very easy to roll out and manage the adoption process.

Do you share employee usage data?


We will send you a monthly report called: EWI: Employee Wellness Index. Every month you will be able to measure trends like increased stress or reduced anxiety etc.

We will also show you geographical usage of the platform within your team.

Data is shared in AGGREGATE i.e. no employee names or personally identifiable information is shared.

How is an enterprise team subscription different from a regular consumer Wellness Coach subscription?


Consumer subscriptions are charged Annually at $60 per year. No reporting or dedicated support is provided with Consumer subscriptions.

Enterprise subscriptions can run exclusive Live or On demand classes for their teams. Enterprise data is owned by the Enterprise.

Enterprises get dedicated customer success support and reporting.

How is your app’s privacy policy?


View our privacy policy here

Do you offer 1:1 wellness coaching?


We are testing 1-1 with some of our clients. Please reach out to us at info@meditation.live if you are interested.

Do you offer live classes and/or courses?


Yes, we offer several live classes almost every day! hereView the full live schedule.

Is your app only available on a mobile device?


No! You can access Wellness Coach on our web app and also integrate it into your Slack workplace.

Are live classes available on the free version of the app?


The ability to interact during live classes is available on the premium version only, but you can view our live classes for free on YouTube.

The company I work for is registered for Wellness Coach. How do I log in as an employee?


Launch the app on any device and use your company email address to log in. You will instantly have access to all classes and features!

Did not get 4 digit passcode or welcome email?


please add meditation.live to safe senders list or email us at info@meditation.live.

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