Our Coaches

Our coaches have taught at Apple, Google, IBM etc. Coaches are selected based on their years of experience helping others live happier and healthier lives.

Corene Summers

Chicago, IL

Corene Summers has grown her practice of meditation and movement all over the world. Her uniqueness comes from combining different tools from her learning to help you reach greater levels of energy and balance in your life.

Dr. Julie Rosenberg

Florida, USA

Dr. Julie Rosenberg, a physician and leadership coach, uses the principles and practices of yoga and meditation to help clients become more grounded and resilient.

Tony Saccardi

San Francisco, CA

Tony Saccardi’s focus on meditation is bringing mindfulness into the fast-paced workplace. He has expertise in emotions and focus, allowing you to thrive in the office.

Marie Scicchitano

Seattle, WA

Marie Scicchitano recognizes the importance of the mind-body connection. Her classes focus on getting you an amazing night sleep and stress-free days.

Pandit Dasa

New Jersey, USA

Urban Monk, Pandit Dasa, uses his life experiences to help others manage stress and develop a work-life balance.

Selena Lael

Iowa City, IA, USA

Selena Lael incorporates meditation, breathwork, power of mind, mindfulness, emotional freedom, and other practices for peace of mind, body and spirit into her offerings.


Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

Omji’s mission is to bring a therapeutic approach to his meditations, broadcasting live from the Himalayas.

Ela Wojtowicz

Florida, USA

Ela Wojtowicz's goal is to bring awareness to people with physical challenges, letting them know ANY body and EVERY body can do Yoga. Though born with Cerebral Palsy, she's never allowed it to be seen as a disability and has helped others adapt to any physical challenge they may be facing.

Kristen Eykel

Los Angeles, CA

Kristen Eykel believes in the power of bringing together the spiritual disciplines of meditation and mindfulness for practical uses and empowerment.

Monique Leverington

Adelaide SA, Australia

Monique Leverington’s vast experience helps guide students in breathing, focus, sleep and stress management.

Pakorn Kittipanyo

Bangkok, Thailand

Pakorn Kittipanyo, a Buddhist monk, helps students achieve fulfillment by living one’s life through wisdom, ethical conducts and mental discipline.

John Siddique

Hebden Bridge, UK

John Siddique offers encouragement during his accessible practices for people of all walks of life.

Jessica Bigogno

Barcelona, Spain

Jessica Bigogno’s background in psychology lends to her practice. All the techniques she uses are evidenced-based approaches to mindfulness therapy.

Dr. Pallavi Visvanathan

New York, NY, USA

Dr. Pallavi brings together her learnings in cognitive-behavioral psychology with mindfulness-based therapies for a tailored approach to treating anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as general stress management. Her teachings empower people with the tools they need to foster and maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle and high-quality relationships, improving overall quality of life.

Andy Lee

New York, NY, USA

Andy Lee helps leaders, teams and organizations leverage the power of mindfulness to create a culture of engagement, innovation and sustainable success. He has been teaching mindfulness in organizations since 2011.

Brooke Emory

United States

Certified Fitness Instructor

Toby Massenburg

United States

Certified Fitness Instructor

Jenny Jaucian

United States

Certified Fitness Instructor

Eric Thomson

United States

Certified Fitness Instructor

Dr. Eric Frazer

New Haven, CT, USA

Dr. Eric Frazer is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience in assessment, with interests focusing on behaviors and personality traits that result in people’s success or failure.