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Bring group-based live and interactive meditation and movement sessions for your workplace




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Unique meditation and movement sessions designed to help your team thrive in the workplace.

  • Meditate: Emotions, Focus and Stress Relief
  • Movement: Stretch, Strength and Yoga
  • Holiday Based Wellness Sessions
  • Meditation and Movement Courses
  • Meditation and Movement Workshops
  • Meditation and Movement Panels
  • Marketing Support

Set Up Your Wellness Session

Start your first wellness sessison in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Pick From Our Live Schedule

Pick and schedule a class, workshop, course or panel from our online clendar by clicking here (link calendar).

Step 2

Let Your Team Know

Send your team members or guest an email with a calendar invite to block the date and time.

Step 3

Set Up The Class

Log into our app, click on the scheduled class and connect your ipad or iphone to a TV or projector. Your class is ready!

What our customers are saying

“At Accesso Club, we want to support the personal well-being of our members, and an important part of it is to promote their mindfulness and mental health. We already extend access to our fitness centers, so adding Wellness Coach to our offering, allows us to expand the health tools that our members already love”

Alan HorowitzAccesso Club