Meditation & Yoga room designed for your workplace

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Why a room?


Our rooms are equipped with live and on demand meditation and yoga classes from the best teachers around the world.


After each meditation and yoga session, you'll be able to ask gurus, monks and experts questions in a live, real time setting.


You'll be part of a supportive community that you can learn and growth with.

Our Meditation Room

  • 24X7 on-demand meditations and yoga
  • Daily live, interactive, social meditations and yoga classes
  • Interactive meditation courses and workshops focused on
    • - How to deal with stress/anxiety
    • - Increase productivity
    • - Be more creative
    • - Develop better relationships
    • - Sleep workshop
    • - 8 week course on how to meditate
    • - 4 week course on stress reduction
    • - 4 week course on intuition
    • - many more..
  • Remote monitoring/updates
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited use per building/hotel/co-working space


Imagine meditating with a monk from Thailand at your own workspace. Imagine being able to ask them questions and get feedback in real time. All from your workplace. That’s one of the key concepts has brought to the wellness world. The goal is to create an interpersonal experience with the best teachers in the world.